Tuesday, 20 November 2012



The film I am going to review this week is the new James Bond movie Skyfall. It is the third in the current franchise with Daniel Craig as 007. It was released in United Kingdom on the 26th of October and grossed over $668 million globally. It was directed by academy award winning director Sam Mendes and featured Javier Bardem as the main antagonist Raoul Silva a twisted cyber-terrorist. Judy Dench played the role of M once again. And the latest "Bond Girl" was Berenice lim Marlohe as Severine.


The film itself started with 007 tracking down a missing hard drive that contained valuable info on all M16 spies, Bond was shot down and the hard drive was lost. After several weeks of "recovering" he comes back to be reinstated as 007 after being pronounced dead. even though he was not fit for active duty M passed him and sent him after the evil,twisted cyber-terrorist Raoul who was in fact a former agent under M's tuition. Raoul is constantly ahead of Bond and his team which leads to a fascinating run of events which would have the audience believe this is the end of James Bond and that the bad guy would finally win. It all comes to a climax back in Skyfall which is where James Bond was born and lived before he was orphaned. Raoul is determined to kill M after what she let happen to him so sets out to kill her whilst it looks like bond is dead after being trapped under a frozen lake. But as it happens just as the bad guy is about to win and kill himself and M, Bond steps in and kills Raoul. 


As far as how I would rate the film I believe it was one of the better Bond films I have seen. I would give it a rating of 86% as it was thoroughly enjoyable. It had the usual action,suspense and romance all 07 films have become known for but it also had a quite unusual bad guy who I believe was some what based on Chris Nolan's Joker from the Dark Knights franchise. Some believe this is a bad thing but I think this strange character brought a new dimension to the some what dated Bond franchise.

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